Custom T-shirt Local T-shirt Printing

Customized T-shirts have become a common choice when people generate new clothing needs. Customized T-shirts are widely used in corporate employee uniforms, corporate cultural shirts and other business-related clothing industries, and are also respected by many thoughtful and expressive people. .

Regardless of the occasion, people share a common concern about Custom T-shirt. How to ensure the quality of customized cultural shirts? Does the pattern fall off easily? Are custom T-shirts all one-offs?

In fact, not all custom t-shirt manufacturers have the same control standards for clothing. Like other clothing, the quality of custom T-shirt Printing is equally good and bad. Factors such as manufacturers, raw materials, production processes, and production processes together constitute the factors that determine the quality of a custom T-shirt.

The manufacturer is the most important and decisive factor for the quality of custom t-shirts. Only by optimizing raw materials and strictly controlling every production link, can manufacturers who have deeply researched the production process ensure the quality of customized t-shirts design to the greatest extent.

Careful selection of raw materials. After multiple comparisons and long-term consideration, Xinjiang’s original ecological natural organic cotton was finally determined as the textile raw material for cotton t-shirts. Each cotton is hand-picked and carefully woven. The resulting yarn is tough and not easy to break, and the Local T-shirt Printing fabric is light and soft, not easy to break. The printing raw materials come from designated suppliers of well-known international brands, which are safe, healthy, environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

In the production process part, the self-developed production base, the environment is clean and tidy, the process is clear, and the strict testing links ensure the stability of product quality.

Including the most complete printing production process in the industry, the printing accuracy is extremely high, the color is bright, the color is bright, the reactive dye is used, and the color fastness is good.

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