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Thirty-year party T-shirt custom clothing pattern: The designer of the class reunion T-shirt pattern must be professional. It is definitely not possible to bring the decoration designer to do the party Design My Own T-shirt pattern design. They know the performance of the decoration materials and the plumbing characteristics, but they are not The size of the party T-shirt pattern design and the pattern design are all interlaced like a mountain, and I don’t know anything about it. Our designers, through nearly 10,000 party T-shirt designs and designs, communicated with customers back and forth, returned and revised, and accumulated rich experience, which can be called an old driver in the industry.

30 Years Class Reunion T-shirt Design Picture: This 30 Years Graduation Design Your Own Shirt pattern was originally created by our factory 5 years ago, and many design companies came to steal the picture. Although it has gone through 5 years, it is still a 30-year classmate reunion T-shirt pattern Classic, classic is classic, the design is simple and generous, and the overall coordination is very good.

What kind of party T-shirt customization basic customers need, printing the corresponding party T-shirt pattern design, size, pattern and color matching, all are psychologically early and familiar. Many students find an event company for a party, which is easy. However, the event companies are all second-hand dealers, and they have to find a clothing factory for processing. It is not very convenient for third-party pattern design and communication, and the efficiency is not high.

30 years class reunion t-shirt pattern design: This T-shirt is customized with 30 years pattern, using the deformed number 3, the right side is a small star, the ink-splashed semicircle is the design concept, instead of 0,30, it looks very elegant, and the circle is blank The class name and school name of the meeting can be written here.

To give the simplest example for T-shirt Design, the detective Di Renjie used to be very popular. From the first to the third film, Qian Yanqiu directed it. In the fourth film, he starred in Liang Guanhua and directed it alone. Abandoned Qian Yanqiu. The fourth film that came out was simply unwatchable. Whether it was makeup, plot, or acting, it was a copycat. It smelled like a small piece of Hengdian, and the box office was bleak. It is only played on a certain video platform, and it has not entered various TV stations.

So say professionals, do professional things. A competent 30-year classmate reunion T-shirt custom pattern designer must have the above three points, all of which are indispensable.

30 Years Reunion T-Shirt Graphic Design: This graphic is printed on a red T-shirt with good contrast, the number 3 and a heart graphic, printed on the chest of the T-shirt, it is small, delicate and elegant. The workmanship and quality of the clothes are also good, suitable for classes with a high clothing budget.

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