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The biggest difference between men’s and women’s shopping is trying on clothes, and women are often the main decision-makers in general purchasing. Delicate women will conduct an all-round emotional or rational analysis of the clothes High Quality T-shirt during the fitting process. Generally speaking, it is good to wear and comfortable to wear. The key to dressing well is to customize the T-shirt version.

In the large clothing category, the customized T-shirt version is particularly important, because the T-shirt is too simple, and there are not many places to be commended. In some luxury jewelry stores, three or four thousand T-shirts are not even given for display. After all, it is not worthy of the five or six-digit price of ready-to-wear bags. And these T-shirts in the drawers or at the door of the fitting room are all basic styles, neither long nor short, neither fat nor thin, whether you like to buy them or not.

In the field of custom T-shirts, where the trendy fashion brands are in power, patterns other than patterns are the main ones. The loose shoulders of GMAKE set off by skateboarders must be a street label, otherwise what is the difference with the mothers dancing in the square? Lazy pajamas also slowly take to the streets, paired with invisible denim shorts, the summer heat is still cool and pressing.

A good figure also needs to be shown, but how can the sweet and salty ladies have only one style of T-shirt design ? As an Asian race, girls wear slim T-shirt Printing to look extra confident and healthy. The version does not vary from person to person, but from occasion to occasion, to mood, and to beauty.

The biggest cost of custom T-shirts is often the fabric, and small differences in fabric prices often mean that T-shirt prices are slightly higher or lower. From traditional cognition, the value of natural cotton fabrics is greater than that of chemical fiber fabrics. As far as cotton is concerned, the cost of the origin determines the price of the fabric, and the climate change of a place determines the level of cotton production and quality in this cycle.

The difference between cotton in different regions is obvious. The excellent quality T-shirt Design Website of sea island cotton, Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton belong to the category of long-staple cotton. Of course, Xinjiang cotton with the highest yield is also the common feature of long sun exposure.

Of course, there are more expensive organic cottons, which are the best of the best, and have strict requirements on the planting environment and human environment. Other custom T-shirt qualities are analogous, such as non-organic cotton and non-long-staple cotton. Yarn also plays an important role in cost as a non-essential but necessary influencing factor.

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