Men’s Comfort Colors Personalized T-shirt Customization

Whoever does not have a Personalized T-shirt Customization in brand clothing may be embarrassed, even if Givenchy printed Personalized T-shirt Customization has to be placed at the door of the fitting room. The joint model has been mentioned in chapter 1.2. The popular cross-border products are beyond imagination. We may not have seen the popular Internet celebrity products, and then they are said to be sold out.

Brand Custom T-shirts and designers will also make some co-branded items to sweep the balance of WeChat or Alipay, allowing you to spend a few hundred yuan to buy the designer’s usual thousands of products, which is also considered a great value. After all, if you love her, you must buy it!

In fact, T-shirts are not enough to support the brand. At most, they are considered a trendy brand, and they mainly sell prints. However, the designs and T-shirts around art exhibitions produced by designers can better meet the quality of T-shirts and printing because of mass production, and they are basically limited editions.

Printing factories and garment factories are actually their own businesses. Quality has its own merits and is basically a group order. The customization business is also completed by relying on the online customization platform, and it is unwilling to face individual consumers.

In addition to the printing factory that can make plates and make silk screens (water-based offset printing, luminous fluorescent bronzing, hot stamping), most of the customization is done by digital and transfer processes. The advantage of silk screen printing is that all kinds of colors are good and feel good. The limitation is that the number of color registrations is limited, and you will be useless if you take a photo, and the cost of making a plate exceeds the cost of your custom-made clothes.

If the number of Personalized T-shirt Customization orders is large, silk screen printing can be considered for more than 20 pieces. Even if there are many design drafts, it is not impossible to try, and the cost performance is very high. With the trend of modern environmental protection and sustainability, there will only be fewer and fewer printing factories. If there is no business, there will be no pollution.

The thermal transfer printing process is the most widely used, and the Personalized T-shirt Customization is also the easiest, most efficient and cheap way to do it. The sublimation process can solve this problem, but it must be made of chemical fiber fabrics, which is bad. Of course there are even better offset prints that cost hundreds of dollars, and forget about Custom T-shirts.

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