T-shirt Printing Design Online

What do you fear most about a T-shirt? In addition to shrinking and yellowing, the most uncomfortable thing is the thread and deformation. To put it bluntly, craftsmanship is the process of splicing together various parts, whether it is sleeves, necklines, or front and back body. Generally speaking, the determinant of craftsmanship mainly depends on the foundry. A good foundry has the most advanced equipment and skilled workers. .

Although the T-shirt Printing fabric is not the best, in terms of craftsmanship, it is definitely top-notch. Because Uniqlo’s clothes are produced in a large amount, they can be made by the best factories, while ordinary small brands are basically All of them are made by small factories, not to mention some imitation cards that make a version. There are several thousand pieces in one batch, which may be directly sewed by a workshop of three or five people.

The fabric of the clothes should be better, and the accessories of the neckline should be better, so that it can be worn longer and more worry-free. Below, I will help you choose a T-shirt with a strong neckline from several aspects. Generally thick fabrics also need thick necklines.

The reason is that the neckline of T-shirts is mostly a kind of accessories, which needs to be purchased additionally, and thicker body fabrics are naturally suitable with thicker accessories. This also creates the result that heavy T-shirts tend to have stronger necklines.

The type of T-shirt Printing Design neckline should be selected well, there are oblique selection oblique, no oblique selection screw, most of the necklines in the market are divided into: original cloth edge wrap collar, threaded collar, and twill collar.

The original fabric edge wrap collar, some also called fabric edge wrap collar, and some manufacturers in order to save costs, T-shirts design online will directly use the original fabric, directly stitched into the neckline, this neckline is basically washed a few times, it will be deformed .

Even if this kind of neckline is reinforced with three needles, it is essentially just a “rag with gold trim” operation, which cannot change the fact that it is easily deformed.

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